The easiest way is to transfer money from a credit card to the card of the same Bank. Internal transfers are fast and with a minimum Commission. Money from a credit card is transferred not only to credit cards of the same Bank, but also to debit, salary, pension and other cards. How to do it quickly and with a minimum Commission? Just go to your Personal account of Internet banking. This is a separate site of the Bank, where the entrance is carried out only on the basis of personal data: login, password, etc.They are sent when you make a credit card on the phone and/or enter into the contract.

Next, follow the instructions on how to transfer money from a credit card via Internet banking:

  • Go to Internet banking, using your personal data. If it is not possible to enter via PC, it is better to download the mobile application of the Bank.
  • It works on smartphones and other portable devices.In the personal account we find a section on operations, transfers.
  • The section page should have a form to transfer money from your Bank’s credit card to another one. It is a transfer to a credit or other card of the same Bank.
  • Enter the amount of transfer, the card number on which the money is sent.Confirm operation. Sometimes you need to enter the code that came to the attached phone number.
  • After confirmation, the money is transferred — instant or after a number of days.

The Commission depends on where the amount was transferred: to the same credit card, debit, cost, settlement or other. Tariffs are specified in the personal account, on the Bank’s website, and in the card agreement. As a rule, if the holder uses Internet banking, the transaction fees are minimal. It all depends on the rates, rafts of a particular Bank.

Advantages of credit card transfers via Internet banking:

  1. Convenience. All operations are carried out online, no need to go anywhere. The money is transferred from a credit card at home, at work, anywhere else. This is not only suitable for PC, but also the phone, because there are mobile applications and banks.
  2. Minimum commission.
  3. Ability to view statements, print them yourself.
  4. Full control of your finances, view history.
  5. Internet banking and have good functionality.

Of course, if the funds are transferred from one Bank credit card to another, it is best to use the online method (Internet banking).

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